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Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on Blockchain
Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on Blockchain

What is Sponsify?

Imagine Eventbrite & on blockchain with an awesome reward system that enables effective marketing, Welcome to Sponsify. The Future of Event Management & Marketing.Our Goal: The Biggest Utility Token on ETH Network. Sponsify is a Y combinator online startup school Alumnus.

Sponsify Protocol
For Event Marketing

A decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for event marketing with rewards for participants would allow for more effective event marketing without going through a centralized advertising platform/ institution.A new source of Revenue for you, event attendees and marketers while maximizing results for Event vendors.We propose an incentive-based socially viral system that can potentially bring millions of people in contact with crypto currencies. Our learning curve rewards users first with tokens, motivating them to use these tokens for ticket purchase or trading in exchanges.

How It Works?

Each event has a marketing pool where vendors can allocate SPO tokens for reward-based marketing. Once the campaign is launched, any user can click on the event and smart contract generates a unique link for the user.The User can then share this link with his friends on social media and get rewarded when there is a conversion (ticket sales or registration). Smart contracts track all transactions and automatically distribute reward transparently.Tickets can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, SPO tokens.  Most event attendees have FIAT and event organizers want money. By accepting FIAT and paying out rewards only in SPO tokens, Sponsify will create easy from FIAT to Crypto for events.

SPO & Reeds Law

Sponsify Tokens (SPO) are smart ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols.

David P. Reed’s law (2^N − N − 1) states that the “utility” of large networks can scale exponentially with the size of the network

Sponsify protocol is designed to run millions of events where each event is a subgroup with N participants. The activities of each participant and subgroup will potentially benefit the whole system.

In order to facilitate quick expansion and easier adoption, we will offer white label API technology for SPO integration to other event platforms

Decentralized P2P Event Marketing & Promotion

Traditional event marketing with CPC model has failed as the conversion rate is very low. Sponsify P2P protocol will use smart contracts to distribute reward among users based on their promotional power. Basically, a decentralized and transparent referral system for the event industry where anyone can earn SPO for their promotional power and event makers can save time, energy and money.

White Label and Network Token

It will be easier and quicker to integrate with established event companies (like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite) using the network token. Sponsify will serve as a reserve token for other event tokens (i.e. Ticketmaster Token). The more other tokens are used in other platforms — the more the value of Sponsify Token (SPO).

Event crowd finding

SPO smart tokens will allow for event crowd finding. For example, an organizer can receive funds for hosting and organizing an event while users that contributed can attend his event using the issued tokens.


February 19

From Q3 2018

February 19

Q1 2018

Crowdsale “TGE” March 1st
February 19

Q4 2017

Sponsify Protocol Demo and Use Cases
February 19

Q3 2017

Blockchain Development and Sponsify Protocols
February 19

Q2 2017

Sponsify Event Platform + Initial Revenue
February 19

Q4 2016

Sponsify App Initial Release

Token Terms
Crowd Sale (64%)
Sponsify (12%)
Partner Tokens (12%)
Team (12%)

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